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There is such a wide range of electrical products and installations to choose from that it can be difficult to decide what to get especially if you're not used to working on those types of projects. On this list we will get into some electricals products and devices that we love and use on most all of our builds, to ensure you have the same high quality components that we do. 


Blue Sea Systems Fuse Box

The 12- Circuit fuse box with ground and cover offered by Blue Sea systems is a great choice when looking to keep your projects organized. Built with tin-plated copper components for better conductivity, as well as a protective cover to prevent any issues from accidental shorting, this product is great and can be used for 24-hour circuits. 

Renogy Bluetooth Moniter

The Renogy BT-2 Bluetooth monitor gives you full accessibility and control over your battery, solar power, and inverters all from your smartphone. Just download their app and you can see anything from the batteries voltage, current, and capacity, as well as the solar panels charge rate, power generation, and much more. 

renogy bluetooth _edited_edited.jpg
blue sea control switch.png

Blue Sea Systems Battery Switch

This product helps you control and disconnect both your house battery and starter battery independently from the system. It even includes a third position which allows you to combine both battery's in order to jumpstart it yourself. 

NOCO 15A Power Inlet Socket

This 125V exterior AC port plug is low profile, waterproof, and houses an integrated 16-inch outdoor extension cord suitable for any vehicle. It also features a pressure fit rubberized cover for outdoor use, which is easy to install while protecting it from all the elements.

NOCO plug.png
power park inlet_edited_edited.jpg

Weekender 30A Power Inlet

The 30A shore power inlet is the most common model you will find when working with large amounts of electricity to fuel your vehicles appliances. This design is made to last with quality nickel plated brass contacts and stainless steel hardware, ensuring there are no leaks or malfunctions.

outlet rad.png

Weatherproof USB Outlet

This dual type-C & USB outlet have a protected waterproof/dustproof cover. Compatible with Iphone and all usb charged devices that is best for the interior of your vehicle. 

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