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Tools & Hardware

Take a look through some of our go-to brands, products, and tools that we use on a daily basis to ensure the job gets done right. We've also included a few starter kits to help those with specific problems and concerns, but overall this page will dive deeper into the accessories and equipment you may need to carry out a new addition or project. 

crimp tool.png

Haisstronica Crimping Tool

This crimping tool is  used for heat shrink connectors and insulated terminals, acting as a conductor between the wires to still allow a steady flow of current. Thanks to it's versatility we strongly recommend this product to anybody looking for one. 

Haisstronica Heat Shrink Connector Kit

This Haisstronica tool case includes just about everything you would need in a heat shrinking kit. Inside you will find spade, fork, ring, and heat shrink butt connectors which are all the most commonly used size required for any project. 

heat shrink connector kit.png
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